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    Shanghai JIYI Automobile Fittings Co.,Ltd.
    Addr.No. 3600 Cao Ying Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

    About Us

    Established in 1998,the Company situates in Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Park. Covering an area of more then 30 Mu,the Company mainly engages in the development,production,sales and services of automobile parts.With Constantinsistence on the business philosophy and purpose of"Customer First,Quality First and Integrity First",the Company has become an enterprise with certain scale after more than 10 years' continuous dedication:

    Own a production plant under the headquarters and tow subsidiaries (One for stamping partsand the other for plastic injection parts)

    Own perfect production equipment an equipment for product development and quality inspection

    Have the total annual production capacity of 6 million sets of"three-filters"(engine oil filer,fuel filter and ari filter),20 million stamping parts,20 million plasticparts and 0.5 million air filters

    With the policy of"Market Expansion,Foundation Creation and Image Establishment",the annual sales volume of the Company maintains and increasing trend year by year.It is expected the sales volume will be as high as 168 million Yuan in 2016,which would be nine times of the amount of 18 million Yuan in 2005.